SUP Gladiator Fury Fin

$ 60.00 $ 135.00

**Disclaimer - This fin is not compatible with 2016 and newer Starboards with 7.8" fin boxes**

Skill level -  Intermediate to Expert

This is fin is awesome!  It is my new favorite.  It sits between the Pro Model and the Hybrid in size.  It offers much of the tracking I get from the Hybrid, with less drag.  One team rider called it "The Goldilocks Fin" as its not too big, and not too small.  While it will work well on any board, we did a lot of the testing and design work with the Infinity Blackfish, and other similar bulbous nosed type of boards in mind.  Since the nose on those boards doesn't sit in the water the same way it does with other true displacement hull boards, you need a little more help from the fin with regards to tracking.  Where the Pro Model excels for a displacement hull, this works really well with a planing or hybrid type hull.  Ideally you would have 2-3 different fins to match varying boards and conditions, but if you can have only 1 fin in your quiver, it should be this one or the Hybrid.


Great Product, Great Service!  -  5 out of 5 Stars  

Couldn't fault the service I received. The fin very well made and provides the right balance of tracking v manoeuvrability. 10/10

To win the race you need perfect fin - 5 out of 5 Stars

I been using Gladiator fin for about 3years and this year using both carbon Pro and Fury. Just used at OABI in Detroit with 5th place in 12.6 Men class on 7miles elite race. Fury worked well gave me little more stability then Pro consider the condition of 2-3’ bumps, choppy , head wind condition. Great fin for both racing, training and casual group SUPing… Get the fin that you can count on! Casey thanks for the great fin!!


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